Fine silk products, a touch of beauty, luxury, and pampering.

We love the beauty and softness of 100% pure silk. That is why we make silk products like pillow cases and eye masks with the best silk fabric available.

We enjoy testing and using our silk products and so do our customers.

Featured Product: Silk Pillowcase

The product featured in this video is a silk pillowcase and can be found on sale here.

Also available: set of two pillowcases.

If you love luxury bedding, if you want want to pamper yourself or surprise a friend with a wonderful gift, a silk pillow case is a must.

Silk pillowcases are smooth and luxurious, soft to the touch and great for your skin because they are made with natural fabric and are naturally hypoallergenic. Many women also use a silk pillowcase for hair beauty. The smooth surface of the silk fabric lets your hair glide therefore reducing frizz and tangles. It is great for all hair types and a must for curly hair.

The product featured in this video is a mulberry silk pillowcase, size queen, color white. We think it is the best silk pillowcase you can find because it is made with 25 momme silk fabric.

100% silk pillowcase

Momme is a measure of the quality of silk. Unlike cotton, where thread count is a measure of quality, silk fabric is measured by momme weight. The higher the number, the heavier and higher quality the silk. Most 100% silk pillowcases on the market are made with 16 or 19 momme fabric. Some are 22 momme. Our silk pillowcases are made with the highest momme count available: 25. This high number ensures that your pillow case will not tear after a few washes.

And speaking of washes, caring for silk is very simple. These pillowcases can be washed using your washing machine delicate cycle. Make sure to use a mild detergent – the best is the liquid type recommended for fine fabrics. Air dry (it takes next to nothing for a silk pillowcase to dry) by hanging on your shower pole or on a drying rack. Iron on the lowest setting and preferably on the inside of the fabric to preserve its shine. That’s all.

And if you are like us, once you try a silk pillowcase, you will never go back to your old pillow again!

Check it out now!

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